Monday, September 7, 2009

Sungai Lembing Trip - Part 4

The Panorama Hill (林明山)

Not everyone had a good sleep the day before... some said it was the effect of the ‘siu yok’, some said they heard strange noises while trying to sleep~~.

Anyway we are there as early as 5am.

The steps to the hill was quite dark at that time. Thankfully we brought our torch and there are also some volunteers halfway to make sure we are in the right path. It wasn’t a tough climb as the concrete steps are wide and safe. It took us less then 30 minutes to reach the peak. Though the distance is short, the view is magnificent! We were there in time to experience the sunrise.

Looks like a glowing fireball!

John is catching the sun with his 'chopstick'.

Somebody is performing 'Kamehameha'!

Me promoting my Nokia =)
John: Die vampire! Die!!!

What happened to Ken's hair???

After having a great time taking photos and enjoying the scenery, its time to go down.

The bottom looks steep from the view above, but the clouds look nice.

We were exhausted by the time we get down. Thank God there's a marketplace and hawker center to ease our hunger.

John: Hey ladies, shall we eat first?

The famous dish here is non other the 山水(Hill water) Yong Tau Fu.

and the famous hand made curry mee.

Our last destination is the Lembing Museum, where history of Lembing, especially the tin mining industry, is highlighted. Those who are interested in Lembing history can read here: Sungai Lembing

John fell in love with the wall...

And everybody follows...

This is one of the nicest Museum I've been so far in Malaysia =)

We are really thankful for the weather, the safe trip and the time we spent together. Thanks Yeow and Ken for the lovely photos and the plan to make this trip an enjoyable experience.

With this we end it with a flying kiss from Yoong...








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